We take security very seriously, both of our own site, and your own security, you can see the security features we have in place below, we hope that this information helps you to see that we are a trustworthy website.


HTTPS – Secure web communications are enforced on every page on WiFi Vouchers, we also enforce HSTS, this tells your browser to only accept traffic from WiFi Vouchers if it is secured with HTTPS.

Security certificates are automatically generated and renewed regularly using Let’s Encrypt. By using this system, we’re ensuring that our security certificate will never expire.

We use Qualys SSL Checker to maintain a grade A+ Security rating on our server.

PayPal pro is used to process all of our transactions, you don’t need a PayPal account to buy your vouchers. Our server securely passes your card details directly to PayPal, We do not store credit card details – Ever.

Our server is fully PCI DSS Compliant, and is scanned monthly using Trustwave.

A sophisticated firewall runs on our server, this ensures that malware, or bad code can’t be injected and run on the site. This system also monitors the site for updates, ensuring that everything is up to date.

We’ve got other tricks up our sleeve to protect the site and your security, but we don’t want to give too much away! Rest assured, everything we can do, we’ve done!

Please Note: We away until Tuesday the 28th of May 2024 - The Voucher shop is still open & you can still order vouchers, however, if you have any problems, there will be a delay before we can respond.